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Probate of a Will in Texas

Dependent Administration

Dependent Administration is very descriptive of the type of administration that will be conducted regarding an estate. A dependent administration will be closely monitored by the Court, and more work will be involved. Posting a bond will typically be required by the person who has been appointed to administer the estate. Thus the employment of a competent attorney will not only be strongly advisable, but probably required by the Court.

Independent Administration

Independent Administration is also very descriptive of the type of administrations it refers to. In this type of administration the Court monitors the administration with less scrutiny. If a will is involved the requirement of a bond is usually waived by the testator (person who wrote the will), and the only requirements are that the appointed administrator return to the court an Inventory, Appraisement and List of Claims. Although the Court does not monitor the estate administration, a competent attorney is often necessary to address such issues as creditor claims.

Probate as Muniment of Title

In limited situation this process may be used when the full administration of the estate is not necessary. For example the person died with a will and there are only a couple of assets of the estate, such as a house and a bank account, both of which are solely in the name of the Decedent (person who died). The bank account only has about $1,000 and the only other thing to accomplish is transferring title to the homestead.

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