Simple Wills in Texas

When clients come to me they often say they want a "simple will" when it is almost never the case that a couple or someone has a simple life with few assets and no children. And if the children are grown and independent, there is always the issue of grandchildren, or nieces and nephews that a person or couple my want to consider in their Will or Estate Planning objectives. Some individuals or couples want to take into consideration a testamentary disposition of assets to a charity. Thus most Wills will have some complexity, and an Estate Planning package is often desirable when making plans to take care of one's affairs and ease the burden on their loved ones and family members.

A truly simple will would include no trusts, no designation of guardian for minors, no designation of guardians in advance of need, or other documents that would be helpful given the client's situation. The person or couple would not have powers of attorney in place, nor any directive to physicians which would allow the doctor and your family members know how you would desire to handle a terminally ill situation should you find yourself in that situation.

A simple will for a single person would leave all assets to one person or a small group of family members, and a married couple would simply pass their estate to the surviving spouse, then when that spouse dies to the surviving children. I am happy to draft a simple will for my clients, but a simple will is not always enough to take care of all of one’s needs.  I like to encourage clients to take a step further and consider other documents that would help in their estate planning objectives.   See sections of my website regarding Texas Estate Planning and Texas Powers of Attorney.

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